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Advanced Patient Lift

Advanced Patient Lift

  • The special gears and levers, are making the whole procedure simple and easy for all.
  • Physical stress is over; you don’t longer have to use strength to achieve simple, ordinary tasks.
  • Back pains belong to the past.
  • Requires low maintenance and it is easy to clean.
  • No worries for batteries and charges.
  • Its light construction, allows you to carry it with you in the car.
  • The user, raise from the bed with ease and dignity.
  • Unlike any classical patient lift, Body Up Evolution has been designed to lift you from the bed while your body maintains its natural sitting posture.
All purpose bath/commode chair2 bath-commode chair (2)1

All purpose bath/commode chair

  • After you are raised from the bed and without any additional conversion, use Body Up Evolution as a bath/commode chair since it is made of high quality stainless steel that makes it water-resistant.
  • No more compromises!
  • Be in the natural, private environment.
  • No more "bath beds"
  • Bathing and toileting are not a "taboo" anymore.
Indoor wheelchairpodium 100×110 3comfort-1garden1IMG_8154indoor-1

Indoor wheelchair

  • After you are raised use the Body Up Evolution as an indoor wheelchair, as sofa on wheels!
  • Or increase the external width and be placed on your favorite wheelchair.
Vehicle accesspodium 100×110 4Car-accessIMG_8464

Vehicle access

  • After you are raised from the bed, Body Up Evolution makes vehicle accessibility more feasible than ever.
  • Various models are making it compatible with most vehicle types.
  • The option for a ride is on a daily basis.
  • No expenses for car-modifications.
Save money!

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